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Aśvamedha Parvan

[Preliminary Entry] Aśvamedha Parvan (Horse Sacrifice Book) is an anonymous rendering of book 14 of the Sanskrit Mahābhārata into Persian. In the Razm-nāma, book 14 is based on the Jaiminīyāśvamedha, whereas this later rendering follows a more conventional Sanskrit version. The translation was completed before 1720, because ms. Aligarh, Sir Suleman Collection No. 27/14 is dated to the first regnal year of Muḥammad  Šāh (r. 1719-48).

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Aligarh, Aligarh Muslim University, Sir Suleman Collection No. 27/14

, ii)

1st Regnal year of Muḥammad Šāh (1719-1720)

, viii)

Zaidi 1994, p. 17


London, Royal Asiatic Society, Persian 15 (book 14)

, viii)

see: http://ras.libertyasp.co.uk/library/libraryHome.do



Zaidi, Shailesh, ed., 1994., Hinduism in Aligarh Manuscripts: Descriptive Catalogue of Persian Mss. of Maulana Azad Library, A. M. U., Aligarh: On Hindu Legends, Philosophy and Faith, Patna, Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library.

Main Persian Title: Aśvamedha Parvan
English Translation of Main Persian Title: Horse Sacrifice Book
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