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Monography or Translations of unknown period
Udyoga Parvan

[Preliminary Entry] Udyoga Parvan (Book of Effort) is an undated translation of book 5 of the Sanskrit Mahābhārata into Persian. This version differs from the Razm-nāma adaptation and is anonymous, despite the mistaken attribution to Fayżī in the Bodleian manuscript catalogue (Ethe and Sachau 1889, p. 812).

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i) Place of copying; ii) Period of copying; iii) Copyist; iv) Commissioner;
v) Information on colophon; vi) Description of miniatures/illustrations; vii) Other remarks; viii) Information on catalogue(s)

Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ouseley 391 and 392

, viii)

Ethe and Sachau 1889, p. 812


London, Royal Asiatic Society, Persian 14 (book 5)



Sachau, Eduard, and Ernest Ethe, 1889, Catalogue of the Persian, Turkish, Hindustani, and Pushtu Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Vol 1, Oxford, Clarendon Press.

Main Persian Title: Udyoga Parvan
English Translation of Main Persian Title: Book of Effort
Original Sources:
Alternative Title(s):
Tarjuma-i Mahābhārat