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Monography or Translations of known period

[Preliminary Entry] An anonymous prose précis of the Mahābhārat, primarily focused on the events leading up to the Great War and the battle. The only known manuscript copy is found in the British Library and dated 1242/1826-27. The opening page contains an English note that this copy was obtained by Mr. [Edward] Hawkins in 1838. The handwriting varies throughout the manuscript, and there are occasional verses interspersed. The colophon identifies the scribe at Karāmat Allāh. The title, Mal‘ūn-nāma (Cursed Book) likely refers to the disastrous battle featured therein.

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i) Place of copying; ii) Period of copying; iii) Copyist; iv) Commissioner;
v) Information on colophon; vi) Description of miniatures/illustrations; vii) Other remarks; viii) Information on catalogue(s)

London, British Library, India Office Islamic 2637

, i) Bengal, ii)


, iii) Karāmat Allāh, viii)

Ethe 1903, no 1948



Ethe, Hermann, 1903, Catalogue of Persian Manuscripts in the Library of the India Office, vol. 1, Oxford, India Office.

Main Persian Title: Mal‘ūn-nāma
English Translation of Main Persian Title: Cursed Book
Original Sources:
Alternative Title(s):
Year / Period of Composition: 1242/1826-1827

ساتون نامه راجه دهلی که دهلی در آن زمان هستنه پور می نامیده اند بسیار