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Monography or Translations of known period
Anand Rām, Rāḥat al-faras

[Preliminary Entry] The Rāḥat al-faras is a translation in four chapters (bāb) of the Śālihotra which was made at the request of Himmat Ḫān. It was translated by the Hindu scholar Anand Rām. Some copies of the Rāḥat al-faras were illustrated with miniatures, one of which shows Śālihotra teaching his book to a Raja.


Schmitz, Barbara - Desai, Ziyauddin, 2006, Mughal and Persian Paintings and Illustrated Manuscripts in The Raza Library, Rampur - New Delhi, pp. 117-118, pl. 200

Illustrated work
Main Persian Title: Rāḥat al-faras
Translator: Anand Rām
Original Sources:
Commissioner: Himmat Ḫān