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Tarjuma-yi Sālōtar-i asbān

[Preliminary Entry] This translation of the Śālihotra was made by Indian pandits at the request of ‘Abd Allāh Ḫān Fīrūz-Jang (m. 1054/1644) during the reign of Šāh Jahān (1628-58). ‘Abd Allāh Ḫān was a descendant of ‘Ubayd Allāh Aḥrār (d. 1490, Samarkand) and had migrated to India where was appointed as the governor of Allahabad. This translation is nearly identical to the one of Zayn al-‘Ābidīn Hāšimī but contains a new introduction. Some copies of this version have been illustrated with miniatures of horses.



Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, supplément persan 1554.


English translation: A treatise on horses entitled Saloter, or, A complete system of Indian Farriery ... compiled originally by a society of learned pundits, in the Shanscrit language: Translated thence into Persian ... by Abdallah Khan Firoze Jung ..., Joseph Earles, ed., Calcutta, 1788.

Main Persian Title: Tarjuma-yi Sālōtar-i asbān
Original Sources:
Other Persian texts quoting this Original Source:
Qurrat al-mulk, Faras-nāma, Tuḥfa al-faras, Tuḥfa-yi kān-i ‘ilāj-i asp, Rāḥat al-faras, Tarjuma-yi Sālōtar.
Approximate period of composition: 1628-1644
Commissioner: ‘Abd Allāh Ḫān Fīrūz-Jang