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Ḫwāja ‘Abd al-Ḥakīm Ḫān, Tarjuma-yi mulāqāt-i Nānak

[Preliminary Entry] Tarjuma-yi mulāqāt-i Nānak is an account of Gurū Nānak's encounters with a number of holy personages of various times and countries, and of the discourses in which he expounded his doctrines to them. It was translated from Panjabi into Persian and includes about tewnty-one interviews, such as the dialogue between Nānak and Ādam on the creation of man, Nānak’s meeting with Sufi master Rukn al-Dīn at Medina, and his conversation with the popular religious figures  such as Šayḫ Šaraf (d. 1324) of Panipat, etc.

Ḫwāja ‘Abd al-Ḥakīm (fl. early 19th century) was from Farukhabad, Uttar Pradesh, and was employed as a scribe (munšī) in Hyderabad by Mīr Akbar ‘Alī Ḫān Sikandar Jāh (r. 1803-1829). His other famous work dedicated to  Sikandar Jāh is Tuḥfa-i akbarī  written in 1219/1804 about the history of Nizams of the Deccan.

S. Kh.

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London, British Library, British Museum, Add. 24414, 128-167 ff.

, ii)

19th century A.D.

, iv) Sir John Malcolm, vii)

English translations of some passages of the manuscript are written in the margins.

, viii)

Rieu 1879, pp. 293b-294a



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Main Persian Title: Tarjuma-yi mulāqāt-i Nānak
English Translation of Main Persian Title: Translation of Nanak's interviews
Place: Farukhabad in Uttar Pradesh,  Hyderabad