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Kišan Siṅgh, Ṭilism-i i‘jāz

[Preliminary Entry] Ṭilism-i iʻjāz is a work on amulets that was translated into Persian in 1219/1804 by Kišan Siṅgh, known as Bisāṭ, from a Hindi or Sanskrit book called Kautuk in Persian script. This work is divided into fourteen chapters (bāb), each referring to a different type of occult science, including: (i) on binding everything (seventeen sections): (a) binding the evil eye (naẓar), (b) holding semen, (c) eating fire, etc.; (ii) on subjugating people (seven sections): (a) subjugating the world, (b) subjugating rulers, (c) bringing somebody home by force, etc.; (iii) on the faculty of sex (eleven sections): (a) making a barren woman bear a child, (b) orgasm of women, etc.; (iv) on instructions about hair (five sections): (a) dyeing, (b) lengthening of hair, (c) making hair white, etc.; (v) on the production of jewelry (twenty four sections): (a) making pearls, (b) making coral, (c) preparing an alchemical composition, etc.; (vi) on becoming invisible (three sections): (a) vanishing from the eyes of people, (b) using bead (ḫarmuhri), etc.; (vii) on wonders and strange things (twelve sections): (a) increasing your hunger in such a way that you can eat as much and as long as you like, etc.; (viii) on the transformation of faces and forms (six sections): (a) uglifying a person, (b) changing a person to stone, etc.; (ix) on creating discord and hostility (four sections): (a) making mischief between husband and wife, (b) igniting hostility in the house of one’s opposite, etc.; (x) on medical treatment (five sections): (a) treating stutter, (b) repelling snake poison, etc.; (xi) on the polishing of metals (three sections); (xii) on repelling vermin animals and insects (five sections): (a) repelling mice, (b) repelling the poison of snakes and scorpions, etc.; (xiii) on talismans (forty five sections): (a) putting fire on one’s head, (b) protection against drowning, (c) bringing dead fish to life, etc.; (xiv) (five sections): (a) knowing the stone of Pars, (b) witnessing pearls, etc.

S. Kh. - E. O.

i) Place of copying; ii) Period of copying; iii) Copyist; iv) Commissioner;
v) Information on colophon; vi) Description of miniatures/illustrations; vii) Other remarks; viii) Information on catalogue(s)

Montreal, McGill University Library, Blacker-Wood Collection, 129, 94 ff.

, i) Mahūna, ii)

15 rabī‘ al-ṯānī 1219/ 24 July 1804

, iii) Amrit Laʼl, viii)

Gacek 2005, pp. 152-153



Gacek, Adam, 2005, Persian manuscripts in the libraries of Mc Gill University: Brief Union Catalogue, Montréal, McGill University Libraries, pp. 152-153.


Main Persian Title: Ṭilism-i i‘jāz
English Translation of Main Persian Title: Miracle of amulets
Year / Period of Composition: 1219/1804

سپاس بیقیاس جهان افرینی را سزاست که این همه اشکال گوناگون و صور بوقلمون بقلم قدرت آن قادر بیچون... الخ

Place: Mahunah