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Monography or Translations of unknown period
Debīdās Kāyasth, Rāmāyan

[Preliminary Entry] Debīdās Kāyasth translated Tulsidas’s Rāmāyan, originally written in Avadhi (Hindi), into Persian. The date of the translation is unknown. Debīdās added two additional episodes in his translation: the history of Rāma’s sons Lava and Kusha from the Jaiminipurāṇa and the episode of Sulochanā, wife of Meghavāda (Rieu 1879, 1:56).

A. T.

i) Place of copying; ii) Period of copying; iii) Copyist; iv) Commissioner;
v) Information on colophon; vi) Description of miniatures/illustrations; vii) Other remarks; viii) Information on catalogue(s)

London, British Library, Or. 1249

, i) Benares, ii)


, viii)

Rieu, vol. 1, p. 56



Rieu, Charles, 1879-1883, Catalogue of the Persian Manuscripts in the British Museum, 3 vols, London, British Museum.

Main Persian Title: Rāmāyan
Translator: Debīdās Kāyasth
Original Sources:
Tulsidas, Rāmcaritmānas.
Other Persian texts quoting this Original Source:
Amar-Prakāsh (Rāmāyan).

سجود ما بدرکاه سری رام جیو که از تهمت وجود مبرا