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Monography or Translations of known period
‘Alī Muḥammad ibn Ismā‘il Aṣawālī Aṣīlī, Ṭibb-i šifā-yi Maḥmūd-šāhī

[Preliminary Entry] The Ṭibb-i šifā-yi Maḥmūd-šāhī (Medicine for the Healing of King Maḥmūd), called also šifā-yi Maḥmūdī (Healing of Maḥmūd), is a Persian translation of Vāgbhaṭa’s Aṣṭāṅgahṛdayasaṃhitā a famous Sanskrit text on Ayurvedic medicine which had been already translated into Arabic during the Abbasid period although copies of the earlier Arabic version are not extant and most likely they were not already available to Indian Muslim scholars. The Persian translation was made in 878/1473 by ‘Alī Muḥammad ibn Ismā‘il Aṣawālī Aṣīlī whose surname refers to an origin from Asawal, a village near Ahmadabad in Gujarat. The translation was realised at the request of the sultan of Gujarat Maḥmud Begrā (r. 1458-1511).

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Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Oriental Manuscript Library and Research Institute, ṭibb 181


Main Persian Title: Ṭibb-i šifā-yi Maḥmūd-šāhī
English Translation of Main Persian Title: Medicine of Healing of King Maḥmūd
Translator: ‘Alī Muḥammad ibn Ismā‘il Aṣawālī Aṣīlī
Original Sources:
Vāgbhaṭa, Aṣṭāṅgahṛdayasaṃhitā.
Alternative Title(s):
Šifā-yi Maḥmūdī
Year / Period of Composition: 878/1473
Commissioner: Maḥmud Begrā