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Monography or Translations of known period
Darwīš Muḥammad, Ṭibb-i Awrang-šāhī

[Preliminary Entry] Very little is known about Darwīš Muḥammad Īminābādī who at the beginning of his work refers to himself as a spiritual follower of the Sufi Farīd al-Dīn Ganj-i Šakar (d. 1256). The Ṭibb-i Awrang-šāhī is a general manual of Indian medicine dedicated to the Mughal emperor Awrangzēb (r. 1658-1707). The text is divided into seven chapters discussing: (i) the principles of medicine, (ii) pathology and treatment, (iii) diseases of women, (iv) calcination of metals (kuštan-i dhāthā), (v) treatment through methods like purging, phlebotomy, enema and cauterisation, (vi) compound drugs and (vii) simple drugs.

F. S.


Rampur, Raza Library, pers. 1338.


Main Persian Title: Ṭibb-i Awrang-šāhī
Author: Darwīš Muḥammad
Approximate period of composition: 1670-1707
Dedicatee: Awrangzēb