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Monography or Translations of known period
Šāh Ahl Allāh, Takmila-yi hindī

[Preliminary Entry] Šāh Ahl Allāh (m. 1190/1776) was the brother of Šāh Walī Allāh (d. 1762) the famous theologian and naqšbandī Sufi of Delhi. Šāh Ahl Allāh was also a naqšbandī disciple, practiced as a physician and wrote a couple of medical works. The Takmila-yi hindī is a manual of Indian medicine. The introduction discusses some basic principles of Ayurvedic medicine, and the first part describes simple drugs in alphabetical order. The second part is devoted to treatment of diseases, beginning from fevers, and contains paragraphs on the specific diseases that afflict men and women.



Rampur, Raza Library, pers. 1526b.


Main Persian Title: Takmila-yi hindī
Author: Šāh Ahl Allāh
Approximate period of composition: 1750-1776
Place: Delhi