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Monography or Translations of unknown period
Mīr Ḥaydar ‘Alī Dihlawī, Šifā al-nās

[Preliminary Entry] The šifā al-nās (Healing of men) is a Persian work on diagnosis, pathology and treatment which deals with several elements of Ayurvedic medicine, beginning from the conceptual framework of the threefold division (tridoṣa) of the bodily humours. It was written at an unknown date by Mawlawī Mīr Ḥaydar ‘Alī Dihlawī. The work is divided into thirty-one chapters (bāb) of which only twenty-six are present in the manuscript of London.

F. S.


London, Wellcome Library, pers. 289, 119 ff.


Main Persian Title: Šifā al-nās
English Translation of Main Persian Title: Healing of men
Author: Mīr Ḥaydar ‘Alī Dihlawī