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Šihāb al-Dīn ibn ‘Abd al-Karīm Nāgawrī, Šifā al-maraż

[Preliminary Entry] The šifā al-maraż (Healing of disease) or Ṭibb-i Šihābī (Medicine of Šihāb) was written in 790/1388 by Šihāb al-Dīn ibn ‘Abd al-Karīm Nāgawrī. He lived in Gujarat and in his work attests that he studied with a Muslim physician but that he also frequented the yogis (ḫidmat-i jūgyān) to gain medical knowledge. The šifā al-maraż is a medical poem divided into one hundred-sixty or more short chapters (bāb) depending on the different versions. It explains and comments on the views of the Indians concerning various medical topics, such as the doctrine of the humours, the classification of the savours (maza), the analysis of the pulse (nabż) and the fevers. In the chapter on fevers, he mentions the Majmū‘a-yi Šamsī by Ḫwāja Šams Mustawfī. The šifā al-maraż knew a considerable diffusion among later Muslim physicians in South Asia.

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Lithograph:  Ṭibb-i Šihābī, Bombay, 1295/1878-1879, pp. 99.

Work in verses
Main Persian Title: Šifā al-maraż
English Translation of Main Persian Title: Healing of disease
Author: Šihāb al-Dīn ibn ‘Abd al-Karīm Nāgawrī
Alternative Title(s):
Ṭibb-i Šihābī
Year / Period of Composition: 790/1388
Quoted sources on India (Unknown or not existent):
Majmū‘a-yi Šamsī (q.v.)