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Monography or Translations of known period
Šayḫ Ḥaydar Miṣrī, Mu‘ālajāt-i hindī

[Preliminary Entry] The Mu‘ālajāt-i hindī, called also called Qarābādīn-i hindī, was written by Šayḫ Ḥaydar Miṣrī at the request of Sikandar Jāh (r. 1803-1829), the third Niẓām of Hyderabad. The work collects Ayurvedic prescriptions which had been personally tested by the same Niẓām. The first part of the text deals with the actions and properties of drugs while the second chapter deals with the calcination (kušta) of substances.

F. S.


Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Oriental Manuscript Library and Research Institute, pers. 339.


Main Persian Title: Mu‘ālajāt-i hindī
Author: Šayḫ Ḥaydar Miṣrī
Approximate period of composition: 1803-1829
Place: Hyderabad 
Commissioner: Sikandar Jāh