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Monography or Translations of known period
Bīnā ibn Ḥasan, Ḫulāṣa-yi Bīnā

[Preliminary Entry] The Ḫulāṣa-yi Bīnā (Compendium of Bīnā) was written in 996/1588 by Šayḫ Bīnā ibn Ḥasan a physician and surgeon who was employed at the court of the Mughal emperor Akbar (r. 1556-1605). Šayḫ Bīnā was a member of a eminent family of physicians: his father Ḥasan practiced this profession, and his son Ḥasan Muqarrab Ḫān (d. 1056/1646) was a physician and a nobleman the Mughal period. The Ḫulāṣa-yi Bīnā is based on Indian sources (kitābhā-yi hind) and is divided into seventy-eight chapters (faṣl). Most chapters deal with the treatment of a specific disease including those of women.

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Delhi, Jamia Millia University, Zakir Husayn Library, pers. A 14, microfilm Delhi, Noor Microfilm Center, n. 0617


Main Persian Title: Ḫulāṣa-yi Bīnā
English Translation of Main Persian Title: Compendium of Bīnā
Author: Bīnā ibn Ḥasan
Year / Period of Composition: 996/1588