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Monography or Translations of unknown period
Muḥammad Jamīl ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhāb, Ḥadīqa al-šifā

[Preliminary Entry] The Ḥadīqa al-šifā (Garden of healing) is a Persian adaptation of the Śārṅgadharasaṃhitā by Śārṅgadhara, a medieval Sanskrit treatise on Ayurvedic medicine. It was realised at an unknown period by Muḥammad Jamīl, the son of Šayḫ ‘Abd al-Wahhāb. In the preface the translator praises the practical (‘amilī) utility of the Śārṅgadharasaṃhitā and compares it to that of the Qānūn of Ibn Sīnā (Avicenna, d. 370/980). The Ḥadīqa al-šifā, as the work of Śārṅgadhara, is divided in three parts (bāb). The text keeps many original Sanskrit terms transliterated in Persian script.

F. S.


London, Wellcome Library, pers. 603, 120 ff.


Main Persian Title: Ḥadīqa al-šifā
English Translation of Main Persian Title: Garden of healing
Translator: Muḥammad Jamīl ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhāb
Original Sources:
Śārṅgadhara, Śārṅgadharasaṃhitā.