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Monography or Translations of known period
Amān Allāh Ḫān ‘Amānī’, Dastūr al-hunūd

[Preliminary Entry] Amān Allāh Ḫān ‘Amānī’ (d. 1637) was the son of Maḥābat Ḫān (d. 1634), a general in the Mughal army, and himself held important posts in the Mughal administration. He wrote works on medicine and on other subjects. The Dastūr al-hunūd is a Persian translation of the Madanavinoda, a Sanskrit dictionary (nighaṇṭu) on drugs and foods composed in 1375 under the patronage of king Madanapāla. He also wrote the Ganj-i bādāvard a large Persian treatise on pharmacology in which he also used Sanskrit sources, such as those by Suśruta and Bhoja.

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Main Persian Title: Dastūr al-hunūd
Translator: Amān Allāh Ḫān ‘Amānī’
Original Sources:
Approximate period of composition: 1627-1637
Later texts quoting this Work:

Ta’līf-i Šarīfī (q.v.)