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Tawārīḫ-i Rājagān-i Hindūr

[Preliminary Entry] A short history of the state of Nalagarh or Hindur in the Simla district written by an anonymous author. The manuscript also includes official farmān (orders) and sanad (documents) received by the rajas from the time of Humāyūn (1530-1540/1555-1556) the Mughal emperor up to the year 1862.

P. S. 


Lahore, Punjab University Library



Oriental College Magazine, 1926, vol. 2, no. 4, p. 60. Storey, C. A, 1939, Persian literature A bio-bibliographical Survey, II, 3, London, Luzac & Co., p. 678.

Main Persian Title: Tawārīḫ-i Rājagān-i Hindūr
English Translation of Main Persian Title: History of Hindur Rajas
Approximate period of composition: 1800-1899