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Ḥussayn Ḫān-i Lūhānī, Tārīḫ-i Kurg

[Preliminary Entry] A Persian comprehensive historical account of the rajas of Kodagu (Coorg) from 1637 to 1807, compiled and translated from Kannada records by Ḥussayn Ḫān-i Lūhānī. The translator was a secretary at the court of the last raja of the dynasty, Chikka Virarajendra who ruled till 1834. The Persian compilation was prepared following the order of the same raja. It begins with a short account of raja’s ancestors, the first of whom Madrāj Vadyar, ascended the throne in the Kali year 4734/1047, followed by the life account of Muharajah’s father, Lank Rājindar Vadiyar. Virarajendra obtained possession of the principality in 1203. The events of his reign and his transactions with the East India Company are retold up to the death of his first wife Mahādew Rānī in 1807. 

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London, British Library, Add. 19,492

, vii)

The raja’s seal with English and Persian legends and the date 4898 is stamped on the first page of the manuscript preserved in the British Museum Library. The name Veer Rajender Wadeer is also written in the Roman character at the end.

, viii)

Rieu 1881, p. 333


London, India Office 2848, 109 ff.

, viii)

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Main Persian Title: Tārīḫ-i Kurg
English Translation of Main Persian Title: History of Coorg
Approximate period of composition: 1750-1850