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Monography or Translations of known period
Fayżī, Abū al-Fayż ibn Mubārak, Mahābhārat (Ādi and Sabhā Parvans)

[Preliminary Entry] In the late 1580s, Fayżī (d. 1004/1595) reworked the first two books (Ādi and Sabhā Parvans) of the Mahābhārata in a mixture of Persian prose and verse. He intended to revise all eighteen books but abandoned his project after the second book for unclear reasons. He takes his prose from the Razm-nāma translation, although he alters the vocabulary and phrasing at times. He authored the verses himself and intersperses them throughout the prose. He also composed a series of verses at the opening and close of both books, although these are often abridged or omitted entirely in manuscript copies. Fayżī’s Ādi and Sabhā Parvans are often found in manuscripts of the Razm-nāma and are frequently misattributed. Alternatively, the entire Razm-nāma is occasionally mistakenly ascribed to Fayżī.

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Main Persian Title: Mahābhārat (Ādi and Sabhā Parvans)
English Translation of Main Persian Title: Mahabharata
Translator: Fayżī, Abū al-Fayż ibn Mubārak
Original Sources:

Alternative Title(s):
Tarjuma-i Mahābhārat
Approximate period of composition: 1585-1595
Commissioner: Akbar 
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