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Monography or Translations of unknown period
Bhagavad-gītā attributed to Dārā Šikūh

[Preliminary Entry] The Persian Bhagavad-gītā attributed to Dārā Šikūh is a prose translation of all eighteen chapters (adhyāyas) of the Sanskrit source text. The translation retains many Sanskrit technical terms. Dārā Šikūh’s authorship of the text is doubtful, and at least one manuscript edition names the author as Abū al-Fażl (British Library, Persian Additional 7676). A copy at the Asiatic Society of Bengal titles the work Āb-i Zindagī (Water of Life). In addition to the manuscripts listed below, several copies are extant at the Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library in Patna, India.

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London, British Library, India Office Islamic 1358

, viii)

Ethe 1903, vol. 1, no 1949


London, British Library, Persian Additional 7676

, i) Benares, ii)

1822 samvat/1765

, vii)

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, ii)


, iii) Datārām Brahman, viii)

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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Fraser 262

, viii)

Sachau and Ethe 1889, vol. 1, no 1322


London, Royal Asiatic Society, Persian 14

, ii)


, vii)

This is manuscript of the Razm-nāma in which the Bhagavad-gītā attributed to Dārā Šikūh has been inserted within the sixth book

, viii)

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Pseudepigraphic work
Main Persian Title: Bhagavad-gītā attributed to Dārā Šikūh
Original Sources:

دهرتراشت گفت ای سنجی در زمین کرکهیت که مزرعه نیکوکاری است مردم من در جماعت پاندوان هنگامی که به قصد کارزار رو به رو شدند به چه کار مشغول گشتند