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Monography or Translations of known period
Aḥwāl-i qala‘-i Guwāliyār

[Preliminary Entry] A short history of the fortress of Gwalior from its foundation to 1194/1780. It was written down by order of Captain William Bruce from the dictation of Ḫūšḥāl and Motīrām, two Hindu denizens of Gwalior. It contains the following episodes: the foundation of Gwalior by the Kačhwāha Sūraj Pāl and an account of his successors; Sulṭān Iltutmiš (r. 1210-36)’s conquest of the fortress; rule of the Tomar Rājas Mān Singh and his successor Bikramājit until the latter’s defeat at the hands of Sulṭān Ibrāhīm Lodī (r. 1517-26); conquest of the fortress by the Jāṭs of Gohad following the battle of Panipat (1174/1761) and their subsequent ousting by the Maratha Sindhias; capture of the fort by Major Popham on the 4th of August 1780.

(C. L.)

Main Persian Title: Aḥwāl-i qala‘-i Guwāliyār
Year / Period of Composition: 1194/1780
Commissioner: Captain William Bruce