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October 6th 2018 - Conference
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

The Third Perso-Indica Workshop: Indic Texts and Islamicate Culture from the Ghaznavid to the Sultanate Periods




13:30–13:35    Nobuhiro Ota (ILCAA): Opening address.

13:35–13:50    Fabrizio Speziale (EHESS): Introduction to the Third Perso-Indica Workshop.

13:50–14:30   Noémie Verdon (Swiss National Science Foundation): “Al-Bīrūnī’s Kitāb Pātanğal and Kitāb Sānk: Methods and Strategies of Translation.”

14:30–15:10    Satoshi Ogura (ILCAA): “Revisiting Sanskrit Epic-Purāṇic Elements in Rashīd al-Dīn’s History of India.”

15:10–15:25    Break

15:25–16:05  Fabrizio Speziale (EHESS): “Šihāb al-Dīn Nāgawrī’s Šifā al-maraż: Reconsidering Greco-Arabic and Ayurvedic Theories of the Humours in 14th century India.”

16:05–16:45  Kazuyo Sakaki (Hokkaido Musashi Women’s College): “Ways for liberation – The early textual transmission of Indian traditional science in Persian works.”

16:45–17:00  Michio Yano (Kyoto Sangyo University): General comments.

17:00–17:30 Discussion

Location and info

Venue: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Hongo Satellite Campus, 5 floor seminar room, 2-4-10, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.

Organisation and contacts:

Satoshi Ogura ( - Fabrizio Speziale (

Co-hosted by ILCAA Joint Research Project

“Culture and Society in Early Modern South Asia: Cross-Linguistic Comparative Studies of Literary and Religious Texts”